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Lot et Garonne

Garonne, Fluss, Felsen, Hügel, Wald | © Bert Schwarz 2021

The Lot et Garonne department is located in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in southwestern France. It takes its name from the two rivers that cross it. It is a popular destination for nature-based vacations. This fertile fruit-growing region, famous for the plum of Agen, is crisscrossed by 200 km of navigable waterways and 3,500 km of hiking trails. In addition to this natural wealth, the region offers a beautiful architectural and rural heritage in the form of bastide towns, castles and manor houses, dovecotes and windmills. Definitely something for architecture lovers and nature lovers!

Dorf, Dächer, Tal, Wald | © Bert Schwarz 2021

The travel guides tell about various leisure activities that are possible here, about traveling with/on a houseboat, weekly markets where local farmers offer their products. Our first visit to this region was to a place we learned about from French acquaintances. The roads that lead to the end along the banks of the Lot are as small as the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, about which we also tell.

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