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Hammer Mill Museum, Hasloch


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Gewürze, orientalischer Basar | © Bert Schwarz 2021

Forged products have been around for many hundreds of years. From purely manual work in the Middle Ages, an exciting technology developed with large, heavy machines, such as this water-powered hammer forge from the second half of the 18th century.

Schwanzhammer, Schmied | © Bert Schwarz 2021

The only iron hammer still in operation in the Spessart region is a piece of industrial history and a traditional craft. It is fascinating to see and feel how the blacksmith uses the elemental force of the throwing hammer to bring the red-hot iron precisely into the desired shape.

Eisenhammer | © Bert Schwarz 2021

In the forge, which is still preserved in the original and fully functional today, there are two hammers driven by water power. This is used to produce a wide variety of forged parts with an incredible precision of +/- 2 mm.

Esse, Schmied | © Bert Schwarz 2021

In the only iron hammer still in operation in the Spessart region, historical forged items such as bell clappers, tongs or wheel shoes are produced. How this was done ... and until today nothing has changed ... , can be observed wonderfully at the show forging.

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