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Cyrano's Dream

Villa Arnaga, Cambo-les-Bains


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Saal, Villa Arnaga | © Bert Schwarz 2023

Villa Arnaga reflects the faltering of the heart of its builder.

He was torn between his preference for solitude and simplicity, which is reflected in the exterior of the house and the garden with flower meadow facing west.

On the other hand, there was his inclination towards honor and luxury, which is manifested in the interior of the house and the French garden on the south side.

Arbeitszimmer, Villa Arnaga | © Bert Schwarz 2023

Before Arnaga became a museum, it was a dream, the dream of a great author of the century before last, Edmond Rostand. He had longed for this house, imagined it and designed it down to the smallest detail. The neo-Basque style house appears traditional from the outside. Inside, it resembles a magnificent theater decor.

Garten, Villa Arnaga | © Bert Schwarz 2023

Surrounding the large house, Edmond Rostand had a garden of 15 hectares laid out, showing on the one hand wealth and splendor, on the other hand gentleness and intimacy.

Cyrano de Bergerac-Statue, Bergerac | © Bert Schwarz 2021

It is a rare case in literary history: every member of the Rostand family is a writer. Rosemonde Gérard is the first to publish something. Edmond Rostand became immensely famous for his plays, especially "Cyrano de Bergerac" in 1897. In the city of Bergerac there are statues - as shown here in the picture - and other links to this person from literature.

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