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Cap Images & Coronages

Christopher Knaus & Katja Tschirwitz


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Weinkapselbilder auf Holz, Vernissage Bayreuth | © Bert Schwarz 2023

The grapes grow in nature. The winemaker builds wine from them. The connoisseur enjoys the taste. The artist extends the pleasure and develops the memory of it. With Wine Capsule Pictures.

Frau aus Draht, Vernissage Bayreuth | © Bert Schwarz 2023

Christopher Knaus is an artist, designer and wine lover. He is inspired by nature and his fantasies. He says his capsule paintings have a life of their own, as they can change depending on the material. His works celebrate the beauty and diversity of wine culture.

Frau, Bild | © Bert Schwarz 2023

Wine capsule pictures consist of the capsules carefully cut off when opening the bottle. Their edge is worked manually until it gradually becomes a thin, flat disc, which unfolds its new effect with the original inside facing upwards. What was previously directed inward towards the wine is now directed outward towards the viewer.

Passage, Frauen, Laden | © Bert Schwarz 2021

Katja Tschirwitz is a freelance cultural journalist and, as she explains, was already fascinated by Surrealism and Dadaism as a child. The Corona pandemic is something like a big bang for her. During this time, her Coronages® are created as she experiences them: surreal, macabre and bizarre.

Haus, Eingang, Vorgarten, Gartenstühle | © Bert Schwarz 2021

Her tool is a simple, crude pair of household scissors, with which she produces the raw material of her collages - cuts them out. The snippets are carefully archived, waiting for their new life outside magazines or other printed works. Her own photographs of a lampshade that survived the catastrophic end of a table lamp establish Katja's «TANGRAM» series, with which she opens the door to an abstract collage world.

Passage, Frauen, Laden | © Bert Schwarz 2021

In the Jean Paul Art Space in Bayreuth, I meet both Christopher and Katja, who are exhibiting their works here as part of a vernissage.