Culture Tour

through Wuerzburg and Lower Frankonia

tip-no-180 | © Bert Schwarz 2022

Culture Tour

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The Culture Space

My Culture Tour through Wuerzburg and Lower Franconia

in studios and galleries

  • by Bert Schwarz

The creative community in Wuerzburg and Lower Franconia is active, but still lies hidden, apart from the usual suspects of the large and well-known museums, which of course also exist here.

There are more than 200 artists working in this region, six of whom open their doors to me and show their work. Whether painting, fine art, literature or photography - the quantity and diversity alone I would not necessarily have expected in a rather conservative region.

Kunstschiff Arte Noah | © Bert Schwarz 2023
Oliver Thediek im Kunsthaus Michel | © Bert Schwarz 2023
Kulturwerkstatt Steinbach | © Bert Schwarz 2023
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