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Camping d'Orpheo Negro is a 3*** site located about 25 km from Périgeux. We are here in western France, precisely, in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The campsite is harmoniously laid out on a 4ha site with lots of trees, not really leveled and natural.

Platz, Aussengastro, Stühle, Tische, Bäume

What to do here

We meet an English couple, he is passionate about fishing and he feels like in heaven. - For excursions it is important to know that at 8 pm the barrier remains closed. The car must then be parked in front of the place and the way to one's own bed is then on foot. The walk is annoying, especially if provisions have been bought beforehand. The safety of the car does not seem to be an issue for us. We have not seen or felt any signs of insecurity.

Platz, Aussengastro, Stühle, Tische, Bäume

Our recommendation

Status: late summer 2019

The website of the site does not reflect the reality on the ground. With some sacrifices, we were able to somewhat compensate for the amenities the site lacks by the level of our caravan.

For 1½ weeks of research and because of the scheduling at the end of the season it "went". Nevertheless, time-consuming water be- and dispose of, as well as equally time-consuming disposal of the chemical toilet, should be refrained from booking here. Eventhough the place is very cheap, it is not recommendable in our opinion.

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