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We learned about this spot by word of mouth. Literally. We met a RV driver from Germany in 2019, who raved about the campground. So we drove there and were really surprised. Facility and ambience were convincing at first sight. It was the proverbial contrast to almost everything we had seen so far in Périgord.

Pool, Spielgeräte | © Bert Schwarz 2020

2020 is the year of the Corona outbreak and travel restrictions. It's a history-making year. Nothing goes as it was once planned. For us, this meant postponing the trip planned for May until September and keeping an eye on the development of the desease. The rules of the game in France were comparable to those in Germany: mask - distance - hygiene.

This is currently still valid in principle. You should seriously ask for the rules of the game, which are constantly adapted.

The outdoor area is tastefully and lovingly designed. The paths are also suitable for 2½ m wide caravans. The entrance to our section was too narrow and so it was Showtime for the mover. Especially the RV drivers were fascinated. The pitch booked was excellent: large, level and all (booked) electricity, water and sewage at the pitch.

Waschraum, Sanitäranlage, Spülbecken | © Bert Schwarz 2020

The sanitary facilities are excellent and clean. This applies to the showers, the sinks and even the emptying point for the chemical toilet. The additional hygiene measures because of the pandemic were all meticulously executed.

A few steps away from our site flows the Vézère, a tributary of the Dordogne, which invites to paddle and let the feet dangle in the water.

On the site itself there are several well-maintained pools that invite you to cool off in high temperatures and pedalos for the slightly older offspring.

A highly recommended place for a relaxing vacation with the whole family.

Fluss, Vézère, Ort, Montignac | © Bert Schwarz 2020

What to do here

The campground is located in the area of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère; the village itself is about 10 minutes drive away. There are great restaurants here, but stores for daily needs are not there.

To get some food, you drive to Montignac. Here there is a smaller Intermarché right on the main road, where we really got everything we needed to live.

Refueling is no longer a problem here (update 2021), after it was problematic for a foreigner in the afternoon when the cashier was off duty and the machine did not accept foreign credit cards.

Höhlenmalerei, Lascaux | © Bert Schwarz 2020

About half an hour further on is Les Eysies, where the Musée national de Préhistoire, a highlight, can be found if you immerse yourself in local history here.

Once the circles of one's interest become larger, one arrives at Sarlat-la-Canéda or Bergerac. Other destinations in the Dordogne region are easily accessible from here.

A last advice for time scheduling: Roads here are very curvy, overtaking is hardly to think about and the achievable average speed is far below what you are used to in Germany. If time is an issue, this should be remembered.

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