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The impact of the Corona pandemic is also affecting people's interests. The big travel bug is giving way to many, small options, and package tours are losing their place to individual getaways or shorter trips. That's why we share with you here the stories we brought back from Western Europe.

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Brantôme, Altes Kloster © Bert Schwarz 2021
15 Listings
Breathtaking Sights

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Berchtesgaden © Bert Schwarz 2017
92 Listings
Sightseeing City Tour

Beautiful, interesting, cozy

17 Listings
Hip & Chic Cafe

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Louvre Lens © Bert Schwarz 2015
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One of the most exceptional cities in France.


The great popularity of this fishing village hardly affects its charm.

Camping LeParadis

For us the ultimate campsite in the region of Dordogne


A city with many places worth seeing

Opal Coast

Along the English Channel, just across from England, there is a piece of rugged nature.

Côte d'Azur

Antibes is a place perfect for a short visit or extensive rest.


The name is known by the man with the long nose, who lived only in literature.

Hotel Rebstock

For upscale business and individual travelers, this is the right choice.


A village that sweeps you away and where the vacation on the Côte d'Azur becomes a memory.